An overview of our services

  • traditional and EPS foundations
  • lift wells, pump wells, transformer rooms, grease pits, spray booths, brakes test banks, all other wells
  • traditionals concrete walls
  • hollow concrete walls
  • EPS floor isoluating plates
  • spramex concrete floors
  • pour grout floors
  • bubble foil floors
  • foam concrete floors
  • monolith finished concrete floor
  • channel plate floors
  • shuttering wide plate floors
  • combination floors
  • steel fiber floors
  • pressure layers
  • providing the complete reinforcement (Iron)
  • additional work such as adjusting anchors, corner lines, etc.
  • prefabricated assembly and delivery of dilatation profiles
  • provide cuttings for prefabricated walls
  • the delivery and provision of omega profiles
  • creating temporary edge boxes for the deposit of floors
  • the provision of gutters
  • stamping wide plate floors
  • making of complete loading pits including t pieces
  • making of complete basements
  • all concrete work


We comply with all obligations on the legal liability chain.

Our employees are in possession of safety VCA.

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